Tsunami Cake: The Latest Viral Food Trend That Has Left Instagram Mesmerised

There have been a lot of intriguing and distinctive food trends coming out in 2020. From the delicious and frothy Dalgona coffee and the always-green Banana bread, there’s been no shortage of new recipes to explore this year. As the year ends, we’ve witnessed the rise of a new Instagram-worthy and visually appealing trend: Tsunami cakes. The Tsunami cake, or the ‘Pull-Me Up cake trend popular on Instagram, isn’t the typical baked dessert. Instead, a bit of surprise may amaze you beyond what you expected!

Making the Tsunami cake is the same as every other cake – layering cake sandwiched between a tasty buttercream frosting. The twist is with the presentation. Instead of being surrounded with a smooth layer of icing, it is made slightly liquid to allow it to flow. A mixture of cornstarch and milk will perform this method to achieve the perfect texture of the frosting.

Following this, the cake is then wrapped in the cake with acetate or cake wrap made of plastic across the entire surface to allow the topping’s liquid to remain in a sealed container. A key point for those following the Tsunami cake trend is that the wrap should be higher than the cake to give space for it to be pulled up.

The frosting is spread on top and arranged in a single layer over the top of the cake. The moment the plastic sheet is pulled up, the magic takes place! The icing’s delicious flavor cascades across to the top, creating a captivating effect and providing an entirely new look for the Tsunami cake. Take a

The Tsunami cake trend has become a massive hit on Instagram, with users being enthralled and bakers attempting to make incredible cakes. Interestingly, Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty also recently tried the Tsunami cake with her mom at a popular eatery in Mumbai.

Do you want to try and create Tsunami cakes at your own home? Leave us a comment below if there is a recipe you’d like us to share the recipe!

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