Everything you need to know about cake flour

You’ll see that flour is required in many recipes. You can use all-purpose or alternative methods, but the best results will come from flour specifically designed for this purpose.

This guide will teach you about cake flour and how it differs from other types of wheat flour. You’ll also learn how to make your cake flour at home using grocery store ingredients.

What is cake flour?

Cake flour has a finer, softer grind with a lower content of protein (around 7-9%). This produces a delicate and tender texture, which is highly sought after in cakes. Cake flour is known as soft or tender flour in Australia.

Pastry flour differs from all-purpose flour in that its protein content is higher (while remaining lower than bread or most all-purpose flour). Some brands sell a combination of pastry, cake, and biscuit flour, which can be used for many baked goods. Cake flour is often bleached, contributing to its delicate texture.



Does cake flour contain self-raising flour?

Self-raising flour can be a good choice if you are short on time. The dough will rise naturally without the use of yeast. Self-raising flour differs from cake flour and is more similar to high-protein all-purpose or general-purpose flour. It should only be used when the recipe specifies it. Self-raising is a mixture of plain flour with a leavening ingredient, like baking powder.

Cake flour vs plain wheat flour vs all other types of flour

Cake flour is used to make cakes at home. Cake flour is not only good for cakes. It can also be used to make muffins, muffins, and scones. Cake flour can be used in muffins, scones, pancakes, and biscuits.

Plain flour is also known as all-purpose flour. All-purpose flour is versatile enough to be used in many recipes. This flour is perfect for baked goods that require the right amount of chewy and soft texture, such as cookies or crusts.

Hard flour is also called bread flour or baker’s flour. It is used in baked goods that need a certain level of chewiness or structure’. For example, homemade bread and pizza dough.

Whole wheat flour is another alternative. Cake flour is refined white flour that doesn’t utilize all parts of wheat. Whole wheat flour is richer in nutrients and has the same “hardness” as bread flour. You can use whole wheat flour in baked goods and pastries, but they will be denser.



How to make cake flour in the home

Don’t worry if you can’t locate cake flour at your local grocery store. You can make your cake using two ingredients that you likely already have.

You only need to measure one cup of flour for all purposes. Next, scoop out two tablespoons of flour. Two tablespoons of cornstarch can be used (some sources suggest arrowroot powder). For every cup of cake flour, do this. Be sure to sift your flour several times to make sure it is properly mixed.

It is the cornstarch that prevents gluten from forming, giving it a cakey, spongey consistency. You should be aware that arrowroot will make your cake moister and cook quicker than cornstarch in homemade cake flour.

Substitutes for cake flour

If you are gluten-sensitive or want to reduce gluten in your diet, there are alternatives to cake flour.

  • Rice flour
  • Oat flour
  • Soy flour
  • Tapioca flour
  • Almond flour
  • Coconut flour

Where can I buy cake flour in Australia?


You can find cake flour at your local Woolworths. Check out Lighthouse Cake Flour, which can be used to make biscuits and pastries. The price of a kilogram is only $AUD 3.65.


Coles is another option. You can get low protein self-raising wheat flour at $AUD 3.75 a kilogram. This can be used to make sponge cakes or airy buns.


Aldi offers a variety of flours, including self-raising and gluten-free varieties. You can also find cake flours from Lighthouse in their stores.

Cake flour recipes

Note that the majority of these recipes call for self-raising flour.


Cake flour is the best choice for baking crumbly pastries such as cakes, scones, and muffins. This flour produces baked goods that are more moist and tender, especially when compared with other types of flour. It is also possible to make your cake flour at home.

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