No Maida, No Sugar, Enjoy This Healthy Eggless Cake And Still Lose Weight

It’s hard to satisfy. It isn’t content with essential fruits or fruits, yogurt, or any other healthy food disguised as desserts. It is still craving sweets and cakes from around all over the world. However, we appreciate your effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle free of refined sugar, which, in addition to weight gain but impacts your overall health. Additionally, overeating sweets can be harmful to the blood sugar levels of your patients also. Let’s remember the colossal amount of maida through the body. We would love an exquisitely sweet cake free of sugar and maida. We listened to you.

A simple cake recipe free of harmful ingredients, such as butter! If you’re a vegetarian, the formula is free from eggs too. Even with the standard cake ingredients, it’s incredible that this recipe is delicious. Imagine the delight of eating a delicious cake with the same delicious tastes without guilt! The egg-free atta cake is the perfect solution for our craving for sweets.

Food Vlogger Ananya Banerjee shared this cake recipe on her YouTube channel. It uses jaggery (good) instead of sugar to sweeten it. It’s also straightforward to prepare. Let’s look at the recipe.

Eggless Atta Gud Cake Recipe I How To Make Healthy Cake Without Sugar And Maida:

To create the eggless cake, you need in a large bowl and mix curd, baking powder, along with baking soda. The curd will rise and then form the appearance of foam. It should sit over 5 mins. While you wait, grind jaggery and oil in a cake mix. Blend the curd mixture thoroughly with vanilla essence and milk. Add the dry ingredients from Whole wheat flour as well as baking powder. Mix well. Transfer the mixture to a cake tin that has been greased and covered with parchment. This will ensure that the cake won’t stay in the pan and will quickly come out when baked. You can now decorate the cake with almond flakes or nuts and bake it in the oven.

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