Genius Viral Hack To Store Cake In Fridge Gets Over 7 Million Views

Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a job event, or for no reason; The cake must be among our most loved desserts. The range of cakes is vast; from cakes made of cream cake and cheesecakes to dry cake and tea cake, you can find numerous flavors and varieties available. One of the biggest challenges everyone faces is storing the cake in the refrigerator after we’ve eaten the cakes. We frequently wonder how to keep those delicious treats in the fridge without damaging their form and dry. We usually use containers or trays for this. A viral trick shows you how to put a cake in a refrigerator using a simple technique.

The video was posted on Twitter by @AramVartian, in which it garnered over 7.6 million views as well as 140k “likes. “I am irrationally angry this never occurred to me,” wrote the user in his tweet.

In the video, we can see a tray full of blueberry cake. The half-eaten cake was glued to a tray made of cardboard, as typically birthday cake is. The person in the video carried the Tupperware box and took the lid. Then she placed the cake from the tray into the lid container. Once that was done and the cake was in place, she secured the glass container on the lid. Instead of flipping and closing it, she just closed it, sealing the box from all sides, and then put it upside-down within her fridge!

What a clever and helpful technique. Twitter users were also delighted by the viral trick of storing cakes in the refrigerator. “Social media make me feel like an idiot every week,” wrote one user, and another wrote, “It’s crazy how I learn every other day that I’m not as smart as I thought I was!”

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