Cooking Tips: How To Make Vanilla Cake In A Pressure Cooker

Cakes can bring everything back to normal. If you’re struggling with a rough day or need something sweet to satisfy your cravings for sweets, A cake slice can boost your spirits instantly. Aren’t you? The pleasure of eating a light and sweet cake is something you will never forget. If you’re a baker and baking, then you’re aware of the joy of being able to bake delicious and indulgent sweet treats for loved family members. One of the cakes which everyone enjoys is the ultimate vanilla cake. With its soft, pillowy crumb and rich vanilla flavor, vanilla cake is one of the most accessible and versatile cakes you can find. This post’ll demonstrate ways to cook vanilla cakes using a pressure cooker. Yes, we said it.

Vanilla cake is usually made in the oven or microwave. But, if you cannot access either, this recipe is for you. a simple vanilla cake recipe that can cook using a pressure cooker. It has a sweet, buttery taste and a soft texture that is perfect for any event. It is also egg-free, making it ideal for those hesitant about eggs. Add some Buttercream frosting for the ultimate indulgence!

Easy Vanilla Cake Recipe: How To Make Vanilla Cake In A Pressure Cooker

To start the recipe, line the bottom in two baking tins using butter paper. In a mixing bowl, combine the baking powder and flour. Add salt, sugar as well as butter, water, as well as vanilla essence. Mix the ingredients using the blender.

Mix in yogurt until the batter is smooth and shiny. Place the batter in the tins that you have prepared. Heat an empty pressure cooker covered by the lid but not releasing the pressure for 3-4 minutes on high heat. Put one cake tin into it. Shut the lid without force, reduce the flame, and let it cook until it is done. Repeat the process with the second container and then serve!

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