• 12 Cupcakes of any flavor
  • 1 1/2 cups chocolate frosting
  • 1/3 cup chocolate sprinkles
  • 12 red heart-shaped rants (or pink jelly beans) for the nose
  • 24 M&Ms, either yellow or green, for the eyes
  • One edible marker
  • One box of Pocky sticks
  • 24 ears fashioned from chocolate bars


  1. Make use of your edible markers to trace black eyes on your M&Ms to create cat eyes.
  2. Frost cupcakes that have cooled and then place them on the nose and eyes (I made use of the heart-shaped red ones that are available from Runts Candy).
  3. Sprinkle cupcakes with chocolate.
  4. Cut chocolate bars into triangular shapes to form ears. Then, place them on cupcakes.
  5. Cut Pocky sticks into smaller pieces and poke the cupcakes with”the “nose” to make whiskers.

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