You can’t have your cake and eat it too: Australia’s experiment in multiculturalism

This is a different post than what you usually see here. This post was written by my dear family friend, for whom I hold the highest respect. This post tackles a complex issue in a way some may find confronting.

After the attacks in Christchurch, I believe it is time to be open and honest about the current state of our country and the direction we are heading. This post is not suitable for those who are unwilling to embrace strong opinions on Multiculturalism.

The end of the time for those who were killed in the Christchurch mosque was as God wished. It is an honor to die during the Friday Prayer. We pray that their souls will be rewarded for martyrdom.

New Zealand’s authorities have a duty to the killer to bring him before the law. He will not be spared the judgment of God at the end, nor will anyone else.

The killer is a White Supremacist, and his ideology is not unique. I have read his manifesto, “The Great Replacement,” and am now able to diagnose the situation.

I think the problem is a National Identity Crisis, which affects the Anglosphere – the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The majority of nations have a dominant cultural tradition. China, India, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, Italy, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, and Yemen. Sometimes, religion is a part of culture. There is always a dominant culture, one that is accepted by the majority.

The Chinese will not accept that Shanghai has become Hispanic. The Indians will not accept that Mumbai becomes Arab. We Muslims will not take it if Syria or Yemen becomes America. This is the status quo and is often written into the Constitution. Arab nations in the Gulf maintain an Islamic and Arab culture, even though migrants outnumber the locals.

However, the Anglophone nations of the West are unique. Civilizations which built these countries were predominantly Anglo-Saxon in religion and culture. Native peoples of these lands claim to have been there first, but it is a fact that they are not responsible for the Constitution or culture of the countries. Westminster’s model in Parliament is the official language, and elite schools have Anglo-Christian foundations.

Whether you like it or dislike it, these nations are predominantly Anglo-Saxon Christian based. They also pride themselves on being democratic, equalitarian, and open to people of all races and religions.

Multiculturalism, therefore, is inevitable. Are we ready for Multiculturalism yet?

Multiculturalism is a popular topic among Australians, especially those of Anglo-Saxon Christian heritage. Many Aussies think it cool that their children have Asian, Arab, and African classmates at school.

They would be happy if, in 20 years, Sydney looked like Syria, Melbourne like China, and Perth like India. This question was asked several times, and I got confused looks. The majority of them replied: “Errr, not really.”

Multiculturalism cannot stop Perth from becoming China, Melbourne from becoming India, or Sydney from becoming Syria. Everybody has the right to spread and express their culture and religion. Lakemba already looks like Lebanon, and there are already issues.

Most societies want to keep their own culture and religion. Most countries, therefore, are against hard Multiculturalism. No country is different. In these countries, Multiculturalism is not only a political doctrine but also a source of pride for many. This is the source of disagreement.

We find that the constitutions of the UK, the US, Canada, Italia, and Italia do not discriminate against religion or culture. Technically, a Muslim or Hindu could become Head of State. There is technically no discrimination based on race. Barack Obama became POTUS, but his African-Muslim heritage was a problem.

How would the public react if an Australian practicing Muslim took an oath on the Qur’an and became Prime Minister? What if, for example, a Sikh with turbans became the PM? Constitutionally, it’s possible.

You can’t have it all. It is possible that your country could lose its cultural and religious identity if Multiculturalism is a political doctrine in your country. Brenton Tarrant said that your culture can be “Invaded” and “Replaced.”

The killer of fifty Muslim worshippers used terrorism to kill civilians and was condemned by many. The Alt-Right has expressed sympathy for him, as evidenced by comments made on social media. His manifesto is not one of a lone wolf. Senator Fraser Anning condemned the terrorist act but repeated parts of his manifesto at the Australian Parliament.

The Australians made it clear that Australia should be a Christian Anglo-Saxon country. Islam is not welcomed.

Other Aussies, however, will tell you the opposite. Muslims in Australia, as well as those in the US and UK, Canada, NZ, and Canada, feel free to spread their culture and religion. The national constitutions and perceptions of these countries as multicultural, open societies where all races are treated equally have contributed to this. Do most Australians accept Islam’s presence in Australia?

Consistency is key. Non-Muslims are welcome in most Muslim countries, but only under certain conditions. Non-Muslims, for example, cannot become Head of State or openly criticize Islam. Ramadan rules must be observed. These regulations guarantee Islam’s dominant status, which many Muslims believe is justified in a constitutionally Islamic country. Non-Muslims living there, and many do so happily, know that the majority of society is Muslim. The boundaries are clearly defined.

It would be beneficial to all of us if Australia, along with the US and UK, Canada, NZ, and Canada, defined itself as a nation and its dominant culture or religion.

I believe that Australia must choose between two options: Either embrace Multiculturalism and accept Islam as it is (and do not complain if landscapes become more Islamic), or reject Multiculturalism and declare up front that Islam does not belong in Australia.

The Australian government could declare:

1. Australia is a multicultural nation… Islam and all its expressions (including the Burqa or the Call to Prayer) are fully accepted by Australian society.

2. Islam is welcomed, but only under certain conditions. Muslims living in Australia are not allowed to wear the Burqa or to conduct public prayers.

3. Australia is an Anglo-Saxon Christian nation… Islam’s values are in opposition to its values and are therefore not welcomed. Muslims living in Australia are required to keep their religion private and not public.

After a declaration, Muslims and others can decide if they want to call Australia their home. The position of Muslims will then be clarified. No room will be left for suspicions and assumptions.

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