Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake

This Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake makes a great summer dessert. It’s simple, light and delicious!

The boys are now at an adorable and fun age. They run around like wild animals and are very playful. Their legs are covered with scrapes, and they love to be outside. These are typical little boys.

They also have an in-between stage where they don’t speak yet. They understand you quite well, however. Despite their understanding of you, they have little to no independent thought.

They were excited to find storage boxes and grocery items, so I took them to the supermarket over the weekend. A buggy seat is what I use to transport them both. Brooks was the one in the main cart. Everything I placed in the cart ended in Brooks’ mouth or was thrown onto the ground. That big, plastic storage box? It was so easy to carry the box and push it one-handed. It was a tiny bugger.

As I’m looking around, Ashton turns around and reaches for Brooks’ face as he grabs the front of the cart. They make shopping more fun and less time-consuming because they are such a cute, messy mess.

What does this all have to do with strawberry shortcake icebox cakes? Technically, nothing. I do love sharing our family’s adventures with the twins. If you are looking for a real connection, we might be able to contrast the chaos of shopping twins with this simple recipe. This is as simple as it gets!

What is an Icebox Cake?

Icebox cakes are a quick and easy dessert you can assemble and then chill in your fridge. This is also known as a “refrigerator” cake. It can be made with cream, wafers, or fruits, and any other mix-ins that you choose. This Strawberry Shortcake Ice Box cake is made with ladyfingers. 

What you’ll need

This strawberry shortcake-inspired dessert is easy to make. For exact amounts, could you scroll down to our recipe card?

For the Fruit Layer

  • Fresh strawberries, I don’t recommend freezing strawberries. They don’t have the same bright taste or texture.
  • I used regular white sugar, but you can also use light or medium brown sugar.

For Creamy Filling

  • Cream cheese – Use block cream cheese and not the whipped.
  • Sugar – The same notes as above.
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Powdered Sugar – This gives the filling a frosting-like consistency.
  • Vanilla extract – Always use pure vanilla extract
  • Ladyfingers – I used two 3oz boxes of the softer, sponge-like ladyfingers. The firm ones are not recommended. They are found in our grocery store’s bakery section. You can substitute the cookies with Nilla Wafer or shortbread cookies if they aren’t available in your area. To soften the cookies, dip them in milk immediately before adding them. This is what I did with my Raspberry Almond Icebox cake. Angel food cake could also be used.

Ladyfingers are placed between the filling layers to mimic the strawberry shortcake’s shortcake. It’s delicious! These are great in this dessert as they are soft and cake-like. However, you don’t need to bake them.

Graham Cracker Crumble Topping

  • Graham cracker crumbs Starting at 3 graham cracker sheets
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Butter I recommend unsalted butter.
  • Strawberries – For decorating

How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Icebox cake

Mix the strawberries with sugar: To get started, chop your strawberries and add a little sugar. Allow the strawberries to rest while you prepare the cream filling.

Prepare the creamy filling. The filling is made with cream cheese, sugar, and whipped cream. After the cream cheese mixture is incorporated, the whipped cream and strawberries are added. It’s super easy and quick!

Make the icebox cake. Layer the ladyfinger cookies with cream filling, strawberries and cream. There will be two layers of filling, strawberries and cookies. Begin with a layer of ladyfingers.

Chill: After everything has been layered, let it cool down until the filling is set. This process will take approximately 4-5 hours.

Add the crumb topping to the cake: The topping can be used at any time – either while the cake is still cooling or before it is served. This little graham cracker crumbles some crunch to the cake’s top.

Combine the graham cracker crumbs with sugar, salt, and melted butter. It is best to toast the mixture in the oven for a few minutes to stay crispy on the cake. It’s up to you! You could substitute the topping by covering the cake with strawberries.

How to store an icebox cake

To prevent the icebox cake from drying out, I recommend covering it with saran wrap. Extras should be kept in a refrigerator. The refrigerator cake can be kept for up to 2 days.

This is the perfect summer dessert!

The strawberry shortcake icebox cake is the perfect summer dessert. It is also very easy to make. This strawberry shortcake icebox cake is a simple way to serve strawberry shortcake. It would make a wonderful addition to any summer potluck. I hope you enjoy it!

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