How To Make Dates Cake: The Eggless Treat You Can Binge On, Guilt-Free

The weather is beginning to shift and is now on the edge of winter. As the colder season approaches, the air becomes chilly, and we immediately seek shawls and sweaters to stay warm. Our eating habits also change as we alter our clothing and food preferences. We are immediately drawn to comforting brews and warm soups to keep us warm. Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds return to our diet routine. Dates, for example, are trendy during the winter. High in iron and fiber, they are an excellent supplement to our diet. What would we say if we said they could be enjoyed as delicious desserts? This simple and quick dates cake is egg-free and can be consumed indefinitely without guilt!

The date cake recipe is one of the most straightforward cake recipes available. This delicious cake makes use of easy ingredients that are readily found in the kitchens of our homes. Even though the recipe calls for sugar as a component, one can omit it thoroughly to make this cake without sugar and delicious. The natural tartness of dates is the most distinctive feature that makes this cake. The extra crunch the roasted almonds provides gives the cake a distinct flavor. Additionally, this recipe is egg-free!!

How To Make Dates Cake | Easy Eggless Dates Cake Recipe:

Start by making date paste using dates, sugar, milk, and dates. Mix the three ingredients in a food processor or mixer, then blend until the paste is smooth. Transfer the paste into a bowl and mix along with all the ingredients. This includes refined oil, flour, baking powder, and refined oil. Mix all of it until you have a smooth dough. Transfer the batter to an oil-based container, and sprinkle almonds. Please place it in an oven-proof baking dish coated with flour and bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 150°F. Serve warm with an ice scoop of vanilla or freshly made whipping cream!

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