Black Cat Cake! Enjoy Halloween with this cute cat cake featuring simple silhouettes with gold cat ears!

Suppose you didn’t know cats are enjoying a moment at the moment. Everywhere you go, cute cat images appear on shoes, purses,iPhone cases, shirts, socks, hats, and the list of items goes on. I’m not even able to count the number of stores offering bejeweled cat ears headbands this autumn! In typical The Cake Blog fashion, we’ve incorporated this trend into cakes, beginning with these vintage cake pops and then with a simple layer cake recipe suitable for Halloween or any other cat-related celebration.

Put this idea in the cute rather than frightening, simple comp, located, cat-friendly, kid-friendly category. For a start, your cake will be quickly coated with black frosting. Choose smooth, clean, straight lines, or go for simple, classic homemade swirls that look like cat fur. Then, you can add simple squeezy triangle ears and a thick layer with gold flecks. Lollipop sticks serve as our whiskers, while the standing cake that is black can double as a body. The finished cat cake is waiting to be snatched up by your Halloween table and is sure to be the star of the party.

a tutorial written by the actress Carrie Sellman

Layer Cake the recipe of your choice
Frosting Tinted by Super Black Gel Paste
Black Candy Coating
Peanut Butter Candy Coating
Gold Pearlized Sugar
8” Lollipop Sticks
Squeeze Bottles (2)
Baking Tray lined with parchment Paper
Black Marker

Utilizing a black marker, trace two large triangles onto the parchment paper for the cat’s ears. You can draw a smaller triangle for the cat’s nose. Flip the parchment paper upside down and then line the baking tray using your template.

Put some candy coating that is black in a microwave-safe bowl and cook on half power. Take it off every thirty seconds, and mix. Repeat this process until the layer is completely melting, but make sure to keep the coating from overheating as it may cause it to burn. When it is it is completely melted, fill your squeeze bottles with black candy that has been dissolved.

With your squeeze bottle, draw two triangles using the chocolate coating. Make sure to repeat this outline smoothly and solidly. Put aside while the candy coating is set.

Put the chocolate coated with peanut butter into an oven-safe bowl and turn the heat to half-power. Remove after thirty seconds, and mix. Repeat this process until the coating has completely melted, but make sure not to overheat the coating as it may be burned. After the layer has melted, fill the squeeze bottle remaining with the candy that has been dissolved.

When the black lines are fully set, make the back-and-forth motion and apply constant tension to press the peanut butter chocolate into the middle opening of a triangle. Sprinkle on top of the candy with golden sugar, making sure to cover the peanut butter area. Fill any remaining holes and gaps using sprinkles as thoroughly as you can. Since the black candy has already been fixed, you don’t need to worry about golden mists clinging to the black line.

Repeat the same process for the next cat, the ear.

Outline the cat’s nose with peanut butter candy. Then, cover it with gold sprinkles. The nose will not be black. An outline of black.

Take the lollipop sticks and make whiskers. Making use of more of the melting peanut butter candy, lightly coat 2/3 of the lollipop stick across all sides. Keep the coating thin by applying it using clean fingers (be cautious that you don’t burn your fingers in the hot candy coating) or a clean paintbrush. If it becomes too thick, the whisker will appear big and heavy to remain inside the cake. After layer, cover the cake with golden sprinkles all around. Be sure to move fast so sprinkles stick before layer the candy sets. Repeat the process until you’ve got the four to five whiskers. It’s never hurt to have a backup!

Your cat’s ears should be sturdy. Turn the ears upside down to allow the excess sugar to fall away, and expose the back. Cut a lollipop stick into half, dip it in the peanut butter, and melt it. Stick to the middle of the cat’s ear. Attach the second half stick of lollipop to the other ear. Set aside until firm.

Be aware that if there are huge gaps in those gold-sprinkled areas of the front, you can use a toothpick to fill them in with a tiny small amount of melted peanut butter candy as well as additional gold sugar. You can keep it as is. The peanut butter candy’s color matches the sugar color and blends beautifully.

After ears, nose, and whiskers are all put in place, it’s now time to decorate your cat’s cake! Begin by putting one ear on top of the cake slightly to one side and on an even angle. Place the second ear on top and adjust it as needed for equal spacing.

Place the nose on the top of the cake, placed between the ears towards the bottom of the cake. To help you position it, imagine where your eyes are!

Place aalollipop stick with whiskers on the right side of the nose, with an angle that is downward. Then, add a second whisker to the same side at an angle upward. Repeat the process with two whiskers from the opposite side. Adjust as required. Cut lollipop sticks in the manner you like to fit the cake you are baking.

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