Berry Mug Cake Is For All Those Sudden Sweet Cravings

Perfecting your baking skills may take a lot of patience and practice. It is essential to get every detail right, from the ingredients to the batter consistency and baking temperature. There’s also the question of how to bake it without an oven. You can bake a cake using a microwave in only 10 minutes. Surprised? Were you surprised when we found this recipe for berry cake, which can be made in a microwave and baked in a mug?

This berry cupcake can save you from those cravings for cake when you don’t have any at home. Chef Raji found This recipe on the YouTube channel Beyond Dining Co. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for those who have sudden cravings for sweets.

All you need is a large microwave-safe mug. Fill it with butter, almond, self-rising, honey, cinnamon, sugar, raisins, favorite berries, and an egg. Mix everything well. Then, you need to microwave the mug for 5 minutes. Your instant will taste just as good as any cake you bake in the oven.

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Note: Self-rising Flour is a mixture of all-purpose, baking powder, and salt. These ingredients can be added separately.

Try this berry mug cake next time you want a cake but need more time to bake or order one.


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