I had a great chat last week about how to run her small business. Aliza reached out to me with questions about juggling a full-time job and a blossoming side hustle (pun intended). We discussed how to price her products and services while still feeling confident and doing the right thing for her clients. We discussed the art of refusing (which is often difficult to do when you are first starting). We discussed how to balance opportunities for growth with still being able to value your time. Last but not least, I discussed the tools and tips that I added to my toolbox in order to simplify my life and stay on top of things.

After talking to so many of you on my travels and social media, I’ve discovered that we need someone to speak to us about the basics. I’d love to assist you if you’re one of those people. Like Aliza, we can customize our consultation to meet your specific needs.

Let’s meet and discuss what I can offer you as an initial investigative offer. Let’s chat, drink some tea and eat cake (of course). Let me know what you want, and let’s create some magic to help your business.

Please email me or write a comment if you have already spoken to me about your company. Keep me alert so that I can learn and grow.

My career has been spent helping companies of all sizes optimize their strategies. I love working in business and assisting people to turn their ideas into successful companies. It feels right to share the knowledge that I have intuitively accumulated. It would have been impossible to get here without the generous help of others who answered my questions and lent me an ear. Now, it’s time for me to give back.

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