Since I started Oh That Be Good in 2010, I’ve met the most amazing network of creative hustlers. From other bakers to product creators to florists and stockists, I am constantly in awe of all those who have gone before me.

They all agree that sometimes you need someone to say “yes” to your idea and help you figure out the rest along the way. Mel and Caroline from the Posy Place were kind enough to do that for me. You may have noticed that I am a huge fan of flowers, and I use them on as many of my creations as possible. As an occasional baker, I do not find it feasible to go to Sydney markets or pay retail prices on the bundles.

I wanted to find a flower shop that was affordable and beautiful. The Posy Place was the florist that I saw. I reached out and asked if I could have the freedom of choice that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Our special partnership began in April after they agreed without hesitation.

Mel asked me to spread good vibes and say “thank you” to their customers. I couldn’t resist. Each posy that was ordered on Thursday, 27th July, came with 50 chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla White Chocolate Frosting or Dark Chocolate Frosting. The response was overwhelming. It was both exciting and terrifying for me. It was a great feeling to know that my creative flair had added value to the florals. I hope everyone who got a cupcake had a great time.

Keep an eye out for future stories and collaborations as The Posy Place expands its business in Sydney.

Did you receive a cupcake along with your bouquet? I’d love to hear about your experiences and see pictures! Please send me a message or tag #ohthatbegood in your Instagram photos.



My husband, who is an automotive expert and not a marketing professional, pointed out that I had forgotten to add it. The Flavorbox Australia produced the beautiful “Made with Love” tags in just 48 hours and delivered them to my doorstep in no time. There are many benefits to supporting local businesses and shopping locally.

The Mondo cupcake boxes that we used were of excellent quality, and they are beautiful to look at. However, assembling them is a challenge. The boxes come individually packaged, and you need to remove the plastic wrap, take the boxes out of the packaging, fold them, and then tape up the sides. I was able to bribe some friends by offering them food and cake. These boxes could be a great family activity for weddings or events. I’d save them for special occasions.

I have to admit that the amount of plastic wrapping around each cupcake box made me a little sad. I will take them to the Red Cycling bin and dispose of them safely.

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