Twitter Is Amazed At Six-Year-Old’s Request To Show Beheading On Birthday Cake

In the past, there was a period when children demanded that birthday cakes feature unicorns, dinosaurs, or even dolls on them. But nowadays, children have come up with unique demands regarding their party cake decor. Do you remember the viral Lion King-themed birthday cake designed for a 3-year-old that depicted the heartbreaking moment of King Mufasa’s death? The most recent addition to this style was an Anne Boleyn cake for a birthday celebration. A six-year-old girl requested her cake for her birthday to show scenes from the execution of Anne Boleyn. The daughter’s father, Edmund Kingsley, shared an image of the cake that millions of people have since viewed the cake.
On May 30th, Edmund shared the photo on Twitter with a hilarious caption. Edmund wrote, “Tomorrow, we’ll have a six-year-old, and, like so many girls her age, she insisted on a cake depicting the future Queen Elizabeth I witnessing the execution of Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII.” The tweet has garnered over 22,000 likes and was shared more than 1,700 times.


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