This ‘Fake Cake’ Hack Will Let You Gift A Fancy Cake To Your Loved One Without Baking!

Everyone who is a novice cook will have difficulty mastering making cakes. Baking by yourself can be a difficult task, let alone decorating. If you’re an avid social media user like us, you’ll know there is internet access for baking, cooking, or cooking tips. It’s fantastic that you can get answers to everything slowing you down. If you want to present a delicious home-cooked birthday cake to your beloved one, there’s no need to spend the day in the kitchen. The internet has provided the answers.

We found a fantastic recipe hack to create a massive and beautiful cake in just a few minutes without needing to bake. “If you’re not baking it, try it! Baker and food blogger Zaynab Paruk shared a video of how she transformed two already-made caramel sponge cakes into a four-tier cake for her son’s five birthday. Birthday celebration. All she needed to do was spend just a few minutes organizing and redesigning the cakes.

Zaynab Paruk scraped off the top layer of both cakes, placed them over one another, and smeared them with her homemade sea blue-colored frosting. A professional-looking cake was waiting to impress her daughter. “Who says you have to bake your cake and decorate it too?” Zaynab wrote in her post. Zaynab wrote on her blog, and when we watched the clip, we completely believed her.

The hack video impressed other Instagram users, so they couldn’t help discussing this life-saving hack. The video has received over 19k views and more than 300 comments expressing love for this hack.

What do you think about this cake trick? Isn’t this clever? Let us know if you’ll make it happen, and post a picture of your creation.

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