This Eggless Marble Cake Is Both A Visual And Scrummy Treat;

The look of freshly baked cake can bring us to tears. We all realized that baking can be a relaxing activity during the lockdown. And why did we never attempt baking? From banana bread to Mug cakes to tarts and pies. With the lockdown lifted, we’re sure to be more adventurous. Has been lifted, we’d like to think that we’re somewhat addicted to baking to let go. If you’re like one of us who loves trying out different cake batters, you’ll enjoy this marble cake recipe. The popularity of marble cake is relatively recent. For those unfamiliar, the cakes with soft, varying patterns are reminiscent of the beautiful marble rocks with contrasting colors. That is why they are given their unique name.
The colors that contrast in the recipe for the marble cake published on NDTV Food are beige and chocolate brown. There is no need to require any food coloring to make this cake. Moreover, this recipe will teach you how to make these patterns that are colored using easy-to-find ingredients. The cake is egg-free so vegetarians can enjoy this spongy, chocolaty dessert. Mix the wet and dry ingredients separately before mixing them all. This will guarantee that you don’t have bumps or lumps of batter. Follow this recipe step-by-step and create your gorgeous marble cake at your home.


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