Lockdown Cooking: Chocolate Cake In A Pressure Cooker? Read This Amazing Recipe Inside!

The nationwide lockdown has been extended; many of us will likely be away from home for a while. Being in the house and limiting social interactions can help cut the infection chain and reduce the incline. At home, we will be more productive than we like. We are sure that many people have a love for cooking. After watching all the viral cooking videos you have seen on Instagram and Facebook, if you’ve decided to cook at home and have a blast, You are in the right spot. Cooking is a challenging task that requires extensive knowledge of flavors, ingredients and kitchen equipment, tools, and so on. However, you can improve as time passes and experience, so when it takes some time to master a recipe, it is not a reason to be discouraged. It’s an excellent idea to start with easy recipes. So, how about cakes? We heard you. Making a cake can be an adventure when you put aside your worries by following this straightforward recipe. With this clever recipe, you can bake a delicious and chocolaty-sweet cake using the pressure cooker, which can be done in only a few minutes. You were sipping!
This is an excellent lockdown recipe that is easy and hassle-free. You can make it today, and you don’t need many exotic ingredients. Utilize these common ingredients to create this moist and spongy dessert at your home. Be sure that you’re okay with chocolate. This is the last thing we would want from cakes with chocolate, right?
Mixing the dry ingredients first using a bowl before introducing the wet ingredients is an excellent idea. This can prevent lumps from forming. Mix dry ingredients and the wet ones using eggs and mix well until you’ve got the consistency of a smooth batter. Transfer the batter to an aluminum or steel tin, and pressurize the cook. Make sure to heat your cooker.

This recipe is excellent for the days you’re in the mood for cake. However, your OTG oven is not in the running, or there’s no energy. What are you wasting time doing? Test this delicious recipe and tell us your thoughts via the comment section below. We’d like to hear your opinions.

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