Lockdown Birthday : 5 Easiest Cake Recipes To Celebrate Birthdays During Lockdown

As the United States struggles with the recurrence of covid 19 pandemic, several states are enforcing curfews or lockdowns to end the infection chain, due to which birthday celebrations and anniversary parties have been put on the back burner. Birthdays can be boring without a cake cut. Baking a cake fresh at home is a great option to beat the blues. It’s easy to understand that it’s time to lock down, and most ingredients aren’t accessible in the kitchen. We can communicate with friends via the internet online, but a cake made virtually isn’t enough to do justice. To help us, we’ve put together the following five easily accessible and lockdown-friendly cake recipes. These cakes can be prepared in the shortest amount of time with the essential ingredients you have at home.

Here’s a list of five simple recipes for baking cakes at home amid lockdowns.

1. Chocolate Mug Cake The rich chocolate mug cake can be made easily at home. You’ll have the most delicious chocolate mug cake recipe in a few minutes using a tiny amount of ingredients you’ll likely already have within your home. Mix everything in a large mug and bake it in the microwave. Click here to get a more detailed recipe.

2. Eggless Banana Cake – Banana cake is one of the easiest to prepare and tastes excellent with the smooth taste of banana, the aroma of cinnamon, and the sweetness of walnuts. It’s among the most accessible cakes to prepare. You can spice it up by adding your favorite ingredients. Here’s the full recipe.

3. Eggless Vanilla Cake Made in Pressure Cooker: This Vanilla cake is straightforward with only a handful of ingredients and a pressure cooker. It is sweet and buttery with a delicious flavor and a light, moist texture that makes it perfect to celebrate any event. Serve it with the buttercream of your choice and nuts. Click here to get how to make it!

4. Eggless Atta Cake The cake requires essential ingredients, like whole wheat flour and curd, raisins, and nuts. It’s a light, fluffy, and deliciously soft cake that could serve as a perfect evening teatime snack. Here’s the complete recipe.

5. Eggless Marble Cake: This cake is a highly fluffy and moist texture, with an emulsion of vanilla and chocolate flavors. Depending on your preference, it is possible to add dark and milk chocolate. Add a few chocolate biscuits, nuts, or crushed, and you’re finished!

There is a way to bake delicious treats at your home! 

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